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    Recent research has found that overall costs of having HCI solution has gone down by over 30 percent and 3T can help you to get REAL digital transformation experience.

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    The anywhere workplace is a game changer!

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This is exactly the same question we asked ourselves "Why should you choose us as a trusted partner?" before 3T Innovative Solutions founded.

The answer is hidden in our core philosophy which we have gained over the years working as a consultant for respectable technology service providers all around the world.

 Understand your business

“That is something we must do continuously every day! Why? We know every organization is unique and you need a specific solution to your problem or improvement to your bottleneck. So, we must understand your business and your needs then answer other questions like how you want a product or service supplied, when you want it supplied, and at what price,”

 provide advise

This is our core jobs to provide correct recommendations and advices. Also, we are eager to do for free. We are in the technology business and this is our life. We work with many technologies, solutions every day and this our daily routine. Therefore, you need to get all information we have for free. When you need anything, we will be there for you.


We know that technology is changing so fast. You are implementing more communication solutions in order to improve productivity and reduce costs. However, providing support anytime you need is our core business and we think that this has to be face-to-face.




Our Technology Journey

VMware Solution Competency
We have completed all requirements of becoming VMware Solutions Competency - Hyper-Converged Infrastructure and Mobility (Workspace One)
We believe that Australia needs "advanced robotics solutions for manufacturing, Robotics in Agriculture" for future. We began putting some efforts in to these areas.
Managed Services
First manages services customer came onboard and we are still adding more fully/partially managed services solutions
Backup & DR Solutions
In order to provide complete solutions, we have Veeam and Azure ASR onboard to fulfill business continuity requirements of our customers.
Internet of Things
We started familiar with the technology. We knew that it will be the game changer for our customer and Australia.
Data security became very important subject and we began improving our skills to provide cyber-security solutions.
Gained our product range
3T offers more solutions to provide complete solutions to our customers.
Started offering cloud solutions
We started offering Microsoft Azure, Office 365 solutions
Microsoft/VMware Partnership Started
VMware Solutions partner and Microsoft partner are the first major partners we work with.
3T Founded
As stand in our name, 3T is founded by three technical solutions architects in Melbourne, Australia. Our main focus is to provide best professional services - technology solutions to small and medium businesses. We believe that they cannot get best engineers, consultancy, support, solutions because of many reasons and we pledge our commitment to help them.