Microsoft Azure: Solid Cloud Solution

Turn your ideas into solutions faster using trusted, personalized cloud services.

Microsoft Azure features an expanding set of cloud-computing services, including analytics, computing, database, mobile, networking, storage, and web apps.

IT developers can build, manage, and deploy apps and solutions on a global network using preferred tools, apps, and frameworks.

Faster Apps

With more than 100 end-to-end services, you can deliver apps and services faster, and reduce your time to market.

Safe Data

Azure Backup and Disaster Recovery ensure the safety and privacy of your apps and data.

Better Desicions

Predictive analytics and valuable insights will help power your strategic decisions.


You pay only for what you use, making it easier to manage IT budgets.

Enable Anytime, Anywhere Desktop Experience

What is Windows Virtual Desktop?

  • Set up a multi-session Windows 10 deployment that delivers a full Windows 10 with scalability
  • Virtualize Office 365 ProPlus and optimize it to run in multi-user virtual scenarios
  • Provide Windows 7 virtual desktops with free Extended Security Updates
  • Bring your existing Remote Desktop Services (RDS) and Windows Server desktops and apps to any computer
  • Virtualize both desktops and apps
  • Manage Windows 10, Windows Server, and Windows 7 desktops and apps with a unified management experience
Enable WVD in 48 hours

Microsoft Azure features!

Microsoft Azure is an open and flexible cloud platform that enables you to quickly create, install, scale, and manage any application on Microsoft’s network of global data centers using any language, tool, and framework you want. Without entering any infrastructure costs, it allows you to improve your application from the day you first started your project, increasing your productivity, speed and competitive advantage.

You and your organization will be a digital transformation leader and lead your market. We, 3T Solutions, offer a long term partnership and promise to be with you every time, anytime you need us.


Includes IaaS + PaaS + SaaS

Azure includes all service models. In this way, you don’t bother with infrastructure, use your resources effectively, and only focus on your business.


Hybrid Structure

Using your existing infrastructure is not a problem for Azure. It integrates easily and you can use the whole system together.

open azure3t


Azure supports all operating systems, databases and languages ​​from Windows to Linux, from MS SQL to Oracle, from Java to C ++.


Always Up

With Azure, you never have a system crash. The system offers 99.95% financial guaranteed standing time.


You grow as you need

Thanks to Azure you grow without the need of any initial investment. In addition, you can meet the requests originated from rapid growths and perform activation immediately.

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Global Solution

You can conveniently and safely receive Azure services from the smartly positioned Microsoft data centers that can serve anywhere in the world.

Expand your Network Globally

The hybrid capabilities from Microsoft Azure fuel innovation and deliver great business outcomes to companies such as J.B. Hunt, KPMG, Allscripts, and Chevron. Microsoft meets them where they are today with their cloud vision.


PAYG Licensing

No upfront costs, no hardware shipment, no waiting time. Everything you need is in the console and payment is monthly and pay as you go. Also, working with 3T gives you more discount on your bills.

3tcloud support

Cloud Managed Service

We offer a full management service, end-to-end. No on-site skill is required in your team. We will work for you with your rules! You will have more time to focus on your workload improvments. 24/7 Real-time management!


Cloud System Support

If you have an IT team, we will teach your team how to manage Azure environment and wait standby until you need us. Our standby support works 24/7 without extra cost if you need off-peak time..


Azure Stack - Hybrid

Real hybrid experience in Azure, using Azure solution in your on-premises infrastructure, comes with Azure Stack. No upfront cost for hardware, again pay as you go payment model and full 3T Solutions support is available.

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