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Recent research has found that overall costs of having HCI solution has gone down by over 30 percent and 3T can help you to get REAL digital transformation experience.

Why Hyper-Converged Infrastrcuture?

Agility, Scalability, Cost Efficiency, Data Protection

The reasons behind HCI's popularity are numerous, including use of non-proprietary and industry-standard hardware, elimination of three-tiered SAN architecture, lower Capex and Opex, ease of deployment, simplicity of management, scalability, performance, and powerful features. HCI offers simplicity of deployment and management by integrating compute, storage, and network,and in one case, hypervisors  included into a single turnkey solution.

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Technology Trends

November 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Hyper-converged Infrastructure

“Data Centers: Global Industry Outlook & Forecast 2018-2023 - Adoption of Hyper converged Infrastructure to Have a High Impact on Growth” said that “The adoption of hyper converged infrastructure will have a higher impact on the growth of global data center market because it enables operating software defined data center (SDDC) environments.”

- Gartner's Report-