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Why Cloud Technology?

Market leaders in many industries are investing in next-generation technology, instead of wasting resources managing inefficient systems to benefit from:

Lower operational costs
A single IT operational model
Increased automation & virtualisation
Future-state IT budget reduction

Through taking a more strategic approach to workload platform alignment, we help you adapt quickly and keep up with the changing pace of business.

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Find the right platform for your business.

Our technology experts leverage a proven methodology and deep partner relationships with leading manufacturers to create environments that are orchestrated, automated, managed and secured.

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Our services

Learn more about the various services offered by Experts and how we provide you with world-class care.

Infrastructure as a Service

3T's IaaS service brings you the flexibility, reliability and scale of an enterprise-ready cloud, coupled with the tailoring, transparency and proactive management of our experienced team.


3T Cloud Backup contains a range of features that protect your data from threats including accidental deletion, hardware failure, software problems, ransomware, and natural disasters.

Disaster Recovery

Your customers’ expectations have never been higher. Even a small service interruption can send them looking elsewhere. Our disaster recovery planning service protects you from all kinds of disaster.:

Identity & Access Management

With employees accessing sensitive data remotely, identity is important in the cloud. Azure’s Identity Access Management stores user identity in the cloud and uses to provide reliable, secure access control. With this service, only the right people will get to your data.


Cloud security is a set of control-based safeguards and technology protection designed to protect resources stored online from leakage, theft, or data loss. Protection encompasses cloud infrastructure, applications, and data from threats.

Serverless Container

Container is to promote efficient use of the allocated server space and resources, thus enabling the isolated processes to run more efficiently and quickly, while giving developers the ability to scale up or down these individual containers very easily.

Public Cloud

In the public cloud, compute and storage are hosted on external servers that are managed by cloud service providers and delivered over the internet..

  • Scalability - Never run out of space
  • Cost-effectiveness - Only pay for what you need
  • Simplicity - Remote servers share the workload
  • No capital investment
  • No maintenance

Private Cloud

Private cloud is a form of cloud computing that is used by only one organization, or that ensures that an organization is completely isolated from others. It is your infrastructure (leased or owned), your data, your network, your workload

  • Dedicated hardware
  • Control and flexibility
  • Ultimate privacy and compliance
  • Low costs

Hybrid Cloud

Deploying a hybrid cloud gives you the benefits of both private and public cloud in  one integrated solution that helps you do more, on your terms.

  • Flexibility of the public cloud
  • Security of a private cloud
  • More control over mission-critical workloads
  • Cost effective

Assessment & Planning

Our experts analyse your infrastructure, understand your business needs and goals and plan your cloud journey with you. We make sure that your cloud journey experience is sensational


We do understand that new implementation is a tricky and precarious process. Therefore, we provide best transformation experience as smooth as possible for you and your employees.

Support & Education

Supporting you and your team is main purpose that separates us from other service providers after the implementation. Educating your team is our favorite moments in the projects. We make sure you do know everything what we deliver to you.

We are in customer experience business and only outcome we want is to create exceptional customer satisfaction.

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