Modern Data Centre, Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI)

In today’s world, technology is a key driver of business success. The way businesses interact with technology is changing so fast, and new innovative technology solutions such as ML-Machine Learning, AI-Artificial Intelligence, IoT and blockchain are designed for modern cloud environments, not traditional data centres.

However, while organisations are embracing cloud technology in ever-increasing numbers, some workloads are not designed for cloud and are best stay on-premises for better performance or security or compliance reasons. Despite these challenges, your critical applications must be served securely to all end-users from anywhere, at any time.

Greater Efficiency

One of the primary benefits of HCI is that it brings cost, data and operational costs down without significantly disrupting business operations. HCI systems have a low cost of entry compared with integrated system parts and legacy infrastructure.


HCI is based in software, it is able to provide superior levels of flexibility and agility to businesses when compared to legacy infrastructure. Each HCI appliance is a self-contained unit which is designed from the ground up to include every type of hardware resource a data centre needs, and to maximise compatibility.

Data Protection

HCI is also beneficial when it comes to data efficiency and storage. Snapshots, data de-duplication and other data protection features are often built in as standard, making disaster recovery efforts much easier.


HCI works on the principles of the software-defined data centre (SDDC), where everything including storage, servers, networking and supporting services are virtualised. So, the automation of routine operations is achievable when centralised management tools are implemented.

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The Top Choice for Hyper-converged Infrastructure

There is a reason VMware leads the hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) market with over 41% share and continues to grow two times faster than our closest competitor. With the most customers in production worldwide, the richest ecosystem in the industry, and the broadest set of deployment options on the market, VMware provides the only enterprise-proven, full HCI stack that puts you on the path to hybrid cloud.

3T vmware partner for hci

vSphere 7.0

Compute Virtualization

  • #1 virtualization software*
  • 500,000 customers
  • Used by 100% of Fortune 100

*Source: IDC Worldwide Virtual Machine Software Market Shares 2017



Network Virtualization

  • 8,000 customers
  • Used by 82% of Fortune 100
  • CRN Networking Product of the Year Finalist (2018)

vRealize Suite

Cloud System Management

  • #1 Cloud System Management Software*
  • 20,000 customers

*Source: IDC Cloud System Management Market Shares 2018


VMware Cloud Foundation is the unified SDDC platform that brings together VMware’s vSphere, vSAN and NSX into a natively integrated stack to deliver enterprise-ready cloud infrastructure for the private and public cloud.

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Technology is same but only differences will be “How analysed your needs before getting HCI and how HCI configured with your needs”. Combination of those makes a huge difference between having HCI infrastructure and getting best performance, fixing all your issues and connects you to the future with HCI

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