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Find everything you need to make a successful move to the cloud with our world class partners, Microsoft and AWS. Their proven framework contains proven guidance designed and implement strategies helps you to achieve your cloud goals.

Define Strategy

Not every cloud solution fits for you. You need to define your strategy for today’s needs and tomorrow goals with small changes.


The solution should have maximum impact with minimum outage. That starts with smooth plan.


Your need is very unique and getting system ready has to be unique too.


Let’s roll-out the solution and gather feedback how we did from end-user and customers.

We empower your business with our tech partners

Stunning Solutions!

There are many great cloud services carry your organization to the future. However, not sure where and how to start? We love to help you for free!

Let’s discover some of services Azure and AWS provide.

Azure OM Dashboard

Infrastructure as a Service

3T IaaS service brings you the flexibility, reliability, and scale of an enterprise-ready cloud, coupled with the tailoring, transparency and proactive management of our experienced team.

Identity & Access Management

With employees accessing sensitive data remotely, identity is important in the cloud. Azure’s Identity Access Management stores user identity in the cloud and uses to provide reliable, secure access control. With this service, only the right people will get to your data.

Disaster Recovery

Your customers’ expectations have never been higher. Even a small service interruption can send them looking elsewhere. Our disaster recovery planning service protects you from all kinds of disaster.


Cloud security is a set of control-based safeguards and technology protection designed to protect resources stored online from leakage, theft, or data loss. Protection encompasses cloud infrastructure, applications, and data from threats.

Backup & Storage

3T Cloud Backup contains a range of features that protect your data from threats including accidental deletion, hardware failure, software problems, ransomware, and natural disasters.


Container is to promote efficient use of the allocated server space and resources, thus enabling the isolated processes to run more efficiently and quickly, while giving developers the ability to scale up or down these individual containers very easily.

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Don’t wait but also don’t waste your money to wrong solution!

Probably your competitor has already started using cloud technologies. Therefore, right solutions and best timing are the keys for success in the future.

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