Cloud Native Storage for vSphere with Kubernetes

Persistent data service for container orchestrator

As all IT operation engineers know that working with container environments are challenging and Containers are highly dynamic environments. Tens of hundreds of containers can be created and deleted in a day. Managing storage for these they spin up and down is impossible. The storage automation is the key success factor for the organisation those who are using Kubernetes on Vsphere 6.7 or 7 environments. Cloud Native Storage (CNS) is a VMware vSphere and Kubernetes (K8s) feature and it makes Kubernetes aware of how to provision a storage in VMware vSpehere. it is on-demand, life, fully automated process.

The biggest challenge of all IT engineers is many platform to manage many applications and system. However, we have new version of VMware vSphere which gives us fully management K8s system in vCenter with vSAN. You can run, monitor, and manage containers and VMs in a single console. Spending less time of infrastructure and managing requests allow us to improve quality of the service in our organisations.

Label, on the other hand, makes our life easier. Developers can label the containers and it will appear in vCenter. Therefore, we can see the which application or service that storage belongs to and manage like increasing number of pods on-demand in vSphere.

What is CNS, Cloud Native Storage,

CNS is just a term of storage component of Cloud Native Applications. CNA is basically, container structure developed and managed by Orchestrator like Kubernetes, Dockers. The storage is consumed by container application. So, VMware is providing policy based, fully automated storage infrastructure for developers and take workload from IT operation teams.

Cloud Native Storage for vSphere with Kubernetes
Cloud Native Storage for vSphere with Kubernetes

CNS provides Kubernetes system with the understanding on how to carry out both provisioning storage and managing necessary tasks on VMware vSphere. Also, CNS provides the vSphere admin with visibility into container usage on the physical infrastructure.

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