AzureArc with 3T Solutions

What is Azure ARC?

Arc is one of the brilliant announcements in Ignite 2019. Azure Arc is still preview and we believe that it is going to be a game changer when it is released. As we mentioned about that it is public preview and that means it has limited capabilities then what it will really offer in the future. So, we are not sure what features are coming soon. However, rumours have already spread, and more features are coming faster than usual.

What is Azure ARC?
It is a single platform that you can manage all your servers (Windows and Linux) and Kubernetes containers. When we say all servers, we really mean it. it doesn’t matter they are on Azure, AWS, edge or on-premises. You may have only on-premise or cloud resources or multi cloud approach like resources on AWS and Azure and on-premise. This is painful job to manage all resources from different panels. Therefore, we said it is going to be a game changer.

AzureArc with 3T Solutions

– Organize and govern across environments – Get databases, Kubernetes clusters, and servers sprawling across on-premises, edge and multicloud environments under control by centrally organizing and governing from a single place.
– Manage Kubernetes Apps at scale – Deploy and manage Kubernetes applications across environments using DevOps techniques. Ensure that applications are deployed and configured from source control consistently.
– Run data services anywhere – Get automated patching, upgrades, security and scale on-demand across on-premises, edge and multicloud environments for your data estate.

How to start Arc and add resources?

First thing we need to confirm that two resources providers are registered
HybridCompute and GuestConfiguration
We have GUI or Powershell to check whether they are registered or not.
– Go to and then open subscription and select Service provider under Settings


Search the provider in the search bar and register them If they are not registered. In this case, they are not.


Or use powershell
Register-AzResourceProvider -ProviderNamespace Microsoft.GuestConfiguration

get-azresourceprovider | where {$_.providernamespace -like ‘*guestconfiguration*’}
Note: you cannot see a result in powershell for NotRegistered providers.


After they are registered, Go to Azure Arc and select Manage Servers



Next step is to choose “ADD” and Generate script which you need to download and run on a server which you want to manage

Select the subscription and Resource group and operating system. It will generate a script.




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