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Teamwork, Technology Look Like for SMB’s Today Covid19 pandemic?

Unlike Enterprise organizations, SMBs have many disadvantages when the technology is the subject. Some of them are obvious and almost many SMBs have like limited budget, lack of technical resources and hard to find trusted partner who can lead them through almost every aspect of the technology umbrella.

With this Covid19 pandemic, it is really difficult to stay competitive in the market with enterprise companies. Many technologies are partially implemented while some of them are in the pipeline somewhere in future.
Main problems today are Team collaboration (file sharing, chats and meetings), security (accessing on-premise servers, MFA, file share), Device management (patch management, software upgrade, remote support)
Can all those issues be solved easily and one or two different product family and with fair price? The answer of those questions is “Yes”
Call us and speak one of technical experts about it. It is our job to explain it to you.

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