Mass deletion in SharePoint Online or OneDrive

On August 28, Microsoft published MC147280 in the Office 365 Message Center to inform tenants that they’re about to introduce “best-effort” email notifications to users when “a higher than usual number of files are deleted per hour“. Microsoft doesn’t say what criteria they use to calculate a higher than usual number of deleted files in an hour.

 Some of you may not see this before but this notification emails exist more than a year. Microsoft has announced this feature last year and the reason of this would be to reduce the support calls and cut the costs. Recently, some of our new Office 365 customers got this message and we would like to put in an article. There is no action needs to be taken for this unless you believe that you hadn’t deleted those files 3 months ago.

What you can do to avoid losing files in Office 365?

– Retention Policy/Labels – This action is not preventing users to delete files but we can securely keep the files in Office 365 after deletion. Users will not see the documents but files will be kept in hidden and administrators can recover them until retention label duration. For instance, retention is 7 years for Confidential label, So, you have the file next 7 years after the file is created.

– Backup – This is another option which I believe that it is better option. Office 365 officially indicates that they have no backup feature provided although retention, litigation hold, in-place hold seems like a backup solution. We strongly recommend that you have a backup solution for Office 365.

Please talk one of our consultants for those option. Be secure and safe!

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