Azure Storage Redundency

Geo Zone Redundant Storage in Azure is now Available

Geo Zone Redundant Storage in Azure is now available. This is going to change how you can get a great balance of high performance, high availability, and disaster recovery and is beneficial when building highly available applications or services in Azure.

Right now any application you have can be high available on few regions. That means if a region (not data centre) is not available, you can still read the data by using Read Access Geo Redundant Storage.

Also, you can read the data while writing the data even primary data centre is down. Price is also discounted for a short time.

There are 2 options if you consider moving your data to Geo Redundant Storage:

  • Request a live migration
  • Move your data manually.

Geo Zone Redundant Storage helps achieve higher data resiliency by doing the following:

  • Synchronously writing three replicas of your data across multiple Azure Availability Zones, such as zone-redundant storage today, protecting from cluster, datacenter, or entire zone failure.
  • Asynchronously replicating the data to another region within the same geo into a single zone, such as locally redundant storage, protecting from a regional outage.

Please note that Read Access Geo Zone Redundant Storage requires a general purpose v2 account and is available for block blobs, non-disk page blobs, files, tables, queues, and Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2.

With the release of the Geo Zone Redundant Storage preview, Azure offers a compelling set of durability options for your storage needs:

Azure Storage Redundency


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