Conditional Access is now part of Microsoft 365 Business

Over the past several months Microsoft told us that adding Conditional Access to Microsoft 365 Business would help it secure SMB customers more comprehensively.

Today, we are excited to let you know that the availability of Conditional Access for Microsoft 365 Business subscribers, enabling small and medium-sized businesses to enforce granular control on how company resources are accessed.

Conditional Access policies and configurations available to Microsoft 365 Business subscribers are the same as those available to Azure Active Directory Premium P1 subscribers.

Why is Conditional Access important?

  • Are you concerned that employees at your company can access sensitive business data from mobile phones and personal or home devices that have no oversight?
  • Are you concerned that employees are downloading company data to personal apps and storage locations that cannot be wiped when they leave?
  • Do you want to ensure that employees can only access your network from certain locations and block access from other locations?

Conditional Access helps you do exactly that! By configuring Conditional Access policies you can maintain control over how and where your company data is accessed, making your business more secure. You can define exact criteria for who can gain access and block those who don’t meet the criteria. The criteria can be based on factors like the type of device, app and location.

For more information about Conditional Access and Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS),

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