Are You Ready for Tomorrow? We are ready with WI-FI 6

The classrooms, libraries, schools, universities, medium and enterprise businesses, warehouses, factories, stadiums, and many different places need high speed connectivity and the demand is increasing every day. Today, we see employees, students, audiences mainly carrying only laptops and smartphones with them to everywhere. But tomorrow?

We will see every students and employees with as many as 10 devices on them at all times as they work, learn, and collaborate everywhere on premises. And if that wasn’t enough, more IoT and high-bandwidth devices are being incorporated into building plans for smart lighting, smart parking, security, immersive learning, and more. Because of this, the number of devices hitting the network and the amount of bandwidth they need will exponentially increase. Are leaders ready for this drastic shift?

Many institutions and businesses today are already preparing for what the future of technology will bring. Wi-Fi 6, the latest wireless standard, not only promises to bring higher density, throughput, and reliability to higher business networks, but also ensures that employees, students, audiences, and staff can focus on collaborating and learning, rather than losing connections or having technology troubles.

3T Solutions offers Cisco Meraki Wi-Fi 6, cloud-managed IT solutions help organizations build a high-density network that saves time and money with technology that simply works.

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