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What is Project Cortex (Office 365)?

This is what Microsoft says about Project Cortex “Project Cortex uses AI to reason over content across teams and systems, recognizing content types, extracting important information, and automatically organizing content into shared topics like projects, products, processes and customers. Cortex then creates a knowledge network based on relationships among topics, content, and people”

What is Azure ARC?

Arc is one of the brilliant announcements in Ignite 2019. Azure Arc is still preview and we believe that it is going to be a game changer when it is released. As we mentioned about that it is public preview and that means it has limited capabilities then what it will really offer in the future. So, we are not sure what features are coming soon. However, rumours have already spread, and more features are coming faster than usual.

7 Security Recommendations from Microsoft to IT Administrators to eliminate security breach

In a rare article detailing insights about its staff’s efforts in securing its own internal infrastructure, Microsoft has shared some very insightful advice on how companies could reduce the risk of having a security breach.

The central piece of this article is Microsoft’s recommendation in regard to how companies should deal with administrator accounts.

mass deletion in SharePoint Online or OneDrive

On August 28, Microsoft published MC147280 in the Office 365 Message Center to inform tenants that they’re about to introduce “best-effort” email notifications to users when “a higher than usual number of files are deleted per hour“. Microsoft doesn’t say what criteria they use to calculate a higher than usual number of deleted files in an hour.

6 Reasons to Choose Microsoft Azure Cloud for Your Business and Future

Enterprises across all industries, sizes and geographies have been tapping into the power of the cloud. Gaining widespread use over the last few years, cloud computing has made it easier for businesses to get an edge in the digital age. Gartner survey predicts cloud computing as a $300 billion business by 2021.

Accelerated Networking in Azure

Microsoft has finally enabled Accelerated Networking to all regions and the feature is generally available.

What it does is to provide up to 30Gbps in networking throughput for Windows and latest distributions of Linux machines.

3 Reasons Why Disaster Recovery Is a Must-Have for 2019

No matter we say here is not important. It is your business and your choice what to do, protect, and invest. Our main job is now and always to show you the path that we believe that is correct and right for your business. Here is that a Gartner report says not us


See How Companies Are Empowering Workers and Supporting Innovation Companies Are Empowering Workers and Supporting Innovation

The Workforce Has Gone Mobile.

Microsoft Azure Geo Redundant

Geo Zone Redundant Storage in Azure is now available. This is going to change how you can get a great balance of high performance, high availability, and disaster recovery and is beneficial when building highly available applications or services in Azure.

Conditional Access is now part of Microsoft 365 Business

Over the past several months Microsoft told us that adding Conditional Access to Microsoft 365 Business would help it secure SMB customers more comprehensively.

Wifi 6 with 3T Solutions

The classrooms, libraries, schools, universities, medium and enterprise businesses, warehouses, factories, stadiums, and many different places need high speed connectivity and the demand is increasing every day. Today, we see employees, students, audiences mainly carrying only laptops and smartphones with them to everywhere. But tomorrow?