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Our Approach

What We Do & How We Do

You put your customers at the heart of everything you do, and so do we. Everyone at 3T believes passionately in providing our customers with world-class services, so you’re free to focus fully on your business.

                                    3T is built around the following key value pillars:

Customer Success

Your organization is unique. That’s why we believe in providing services and solutions that focus on you and your business objectives, driving business value and delivering services optimized for your specific business needs.


We drive agility within our company and we build it into our services and solutions, agility is at the heart of today’s transformation strategies and a focus of our team all the way from our founders down to our technical staff.


Our focus and ingenuity in creating solutions aligned to our customers’ needs have resulted in some of the most powerful architecture solutions in the industry, we drive our experienced teams to apply sound concepts and ideas to solve problems and meet challenges in thoughtful and innovative ways.

We steer your business through change

Digitization is changing the world as we know it. At 3T, we help organizations succeed in this fast-changing landscape. As a leading digital innovator, we realize results for our clients and their customers, through the power of our people and the cloud ecosystem.

Collaboration is at the heart of our culture and the way we work with you. Our approach is shaped around your business and IT priorities, and based on the latest thinking about digital and cloud solutions, business applications and technology services.

Cloud delivers the speed you need to become a digital business

Say goodbye to the traditional economics of IT with its capital-intensive infrastructure and applications. Cloud helps you transition to the new economics of IT with platforms designed for change and delivered as a service. In fact, it’s the only way to get the efficiency, agility and innovative ecosystem you need to become a digital business.

Powered by cloud, you’ll create better products, services and customer experiences. You’ll reinvent productivity through integrated communications and collaboration. Growth and innovation will flow from applications that fully exploit the cloud. And your infrastructure will intuitively adapt to your business needs. 

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Our cloud expertise

3T can help you take advantage of the cloud to transform your enterprise into a digital business – faster and with less risk.

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Hybrid cloud: From hype to reality

To cope with the pace of digital change, your organization needs a solid and scalable infrastructure. Hybrid cloud could be the answer. However, there’s still confusion about what hybrid cloud is and how to get ready for it. Harnessing the power of hybrid cloud will better position your organization to focus on strategic growth. Many firms are ready to unleash this potential. Are you?

Key findings: Hybrid cloud adoption at a tipping point

  1. The majority of companies expect to deliver many critical business applications over a hybrid cloud platform within three years.
  2. 73 percent of business leaders believe that hybrid cloud offers a competitive advantage, and is a key priority for strategic growth.
  3. Yet 58 percent of organizations still don’t have a hybrid cloud strategy in place – despite diminishing barriers to adoption.

Does yours?